New City PS Committee members

New City PS is run and administered by a committee of dedicated members. As well as these individuals, we are lucky enough to have members that lend a hand in making sure the meetings run smoothly and ensure that we remain an open, warm and social club. 

Below you will find a list of Committee members, a brief role description and contact details:

Chair: Iain Morrison (email)
The public facing head of the club.  Chairs committee meetings. Introduces most club meetings. Ensures the committee members do their jobs. Has the final say.

Secretary: Margaret Stewart (email)
Interfaces with outside organisations.  Sets the agenda and takes the minutes of committee meetings.  Stands in for the Chairman as necessary.

Treasurer: Tracy Simpson (email)
Controls the monetary transactions of the club and maintains an up to date record of the clubs accounts. Responsible for membership.

Internal Competitions Secretary: Jamie White (email)
Collects competition entries.  Books the judges. Controls the running of the competition event.  Maintains the annual scores list.  

External Competitions Secretary: Colin Mill (email)
Collects competition entries and monies.  Ensures entries are valid and get to the competition in time.  Maintains the results.  

Programme Secretary: Colin Mill (email)
Puts together the annual programme, from members inputs.  Advises other area secretaries of their dates.  Books visiting lecturers

Practical/Summer Programme Secretary: Jamie White (email)
Arranges practical sessions, from members suggestions.  Plans the summer programme, from members inputs.  Runs the practical event.

You can also take part in the running of the club by volunteering for Non-Committee roles such as, Competitions Secretaries Assistants, Social organiser, or skills workshops. Contact the Chairman (emailif you want to do this or any other role.